Sick Dictionary unifies two of my lifelong passions— philosophy and health—at a time when the world, ravaged by the Corona Virus, has been presented with the best opportunity to address the most important questions facing the social and natural realms in the modern era. And it’s about time because this place really stinks.

I have been taken by the writings of the Situationist International who deserve our attention as well as a critical eye, and by the practice of alternative medicine particularly homeopathy. Reductionism is the enemy of both.

I am the author, translator and editor of an eclectic and restless herd of books with topics from the cloudiness of squid ink to jew hating jews to the clarity of Hegelian social critique.

While still awake I organize tarantula fights for a major Nevada sports book, make confetti out of parking tickets and and teach my granddaughters how to crawl under razor wire.

Best to close with the master. As Lautreamont said, “Poetry will be made by everyone or not at all.”


I am a journalist, author, designer and filmmaker. I forged my artistic DNA in the white heat of NYC’s underground scene galvanized by the magnetic influence of many creatives and divine rascals like Diana Vreeland, Truman Capote, J.P. Donleavy, Ara Galant and Hunter S. Thompson.

Sick dictionary brings together crowd psychology, philosophy, pop culture and my habitual contempt for authoritarianism. Sick Dictionary marks another collaboration with the great anti-reductionist and fellow bureau chief, Isaac Cronin.


Rohitash Rao was born in an exotic, faraway land called Hyderabad, India. He then grew up in another exotic, faraway land called Rancho Cucamonga, California. He now lives in the exotic city of Austin, Texas where he teaches creativity and advertising at the University of Texas. Throughout his career he has worked as an art director, a director, an animator, a writer, an illustrator and a fine artist. He has won some awards, played in many film festivals, published 7 books, had a dozen solo art shows and he drinks copious amounts of coffee.

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