Introducing The Do Not Admit Pledge Program


Introducing The Do Not Admit Pledge Program

–Dec 30, 2020, Washington DC–The joint military-pharmaceutical complex task force comprised of the CDC and the DHS is pleased to announce by popular demand the Do Not Admit Pledge Program (DNA).

Take the DNA pledge today and earn the right to live mask-free. In exchange for your commitment to refuse hospital admission if and when you get corona-like symptoms, you will be placed on a national do not treat list and you can live without ever having to wear a mask or being reprimanded for the failure to do so because this program supersedes all State and Local laws and regulations according to the Model State Emergency Powers Act of 2001 ratified by nearly all of the states . Your name will be entered into a highly secure data base available to all local police and health officials and your decision will be respected. In fact, it’s irreversible.

Louie Gohmert, congressman from Texas, who recently tested positive proudly stated, “I am the first US citizen to join the DNA program. I will be quarantining surrounded by my extended family that includes 3 children, 6 grandchildren and eight great grandkids. It will be crowded in the lake cabin but we can always go into town. Not to the ER, of course.”

Suggested Slogans:
● If It’s God’s Will, It’s Meant to Be
● Que Sera Sera, (Mama Mia)
● Everything Happens For A Reason, (If Not Always a Very Good One)
● Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk, (But Not to the Hospital)
● Live Free (Free of all hospital care) or Die
● Don’t Tread on Me,.. (Don’t Worry, We Won’t Even Come Near You)

Free Wrist Bracelets, Microchips and Tattoos are available from your local CDC or DHS office. Donations accepted.

For more information and to find out where to sign up contact:
Suzi Connor
CDC Chief Information Officer
404 639 6000