Sick is about understanding and aiding a cure of our shared illness on multiple levels. In Reductionism, Power’s dangerous methodology of simplification, we find a common cause behind the devastating social and health crises that engulf the world.

Ever since Descarte’s division of the human being into matter and consciousness Reductionism has purposefully ignored the complexity of human and natural life forms–because autonomous individuals are impossible to dominate–in favor of mass identification and control.

Just as marketing seeks to discover and aggregate our shared fears, traditional medicine wants to reduce and simplify our diverse emotional and physical constitutions to fifty or so disease labels for which drugs can be conveniently dispensed.

The pandemic has brought the method of Reductionism, the shared perspective, and methodology of the social and natural sciences, into sharp focus. Sick calls it unify to divide and conquer.

Sick will marshal all of the forces that defy Reductionism whose goal is order, predictability, and obsequiousness. Spontaneity, surprise and defiance are at the center of what we do, beginning with how we communicate.

This dictionary is an attempt to reclaim certain words from those who think they own them. Sick has so much more in store and look forward to sharing with you…

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