This dictionary is an attempt to reclaim words from those who think they own them

We are sick because we no longer understand what is causing disease and why we are getting sick.

We are sick because our rulers make more money from our being ill than healthy. Preventative medicine is like saying lets preempt capitalism.

We are sick because otherwise why would we be spending an average of $500 a month on pharmaceutical drugs for a family of four. (Nearly the same amount as we spend on groceries)

We are sick because being healthy is a vicious competition that leaves the losers worse off than before modern science began.

We are sick because we can avoid work and still get paid.

We are sick because we don’t have an idea of what being well means.

We appear to be more sick than we are because often it’s just misery.  We are actually unhappy.

We are sick because we chose to ignore common sense and obvious facts unlike those who for centuries suffered through pandemics without any understanding of the causality of disease.

We are sick because we are all in this together and the definition of we is the most dangerous and effective tool in our rulers’ arsenal of lies.

We are sick because we are all in this together which signifies that the reductionist models of medicine and of social control are achieving their goal of making individual autonomy as a liberation movement the enemy.

We are sick because the food that we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink are pure crap and only there to keep us alive long enough to work and shop for 40 years.  It took  the Virus to get our Rulers to admit that’s all they were hoping for in the first place. The truly horrific thing that is the younger generations won’t even get forty years, but they don’t see what’s coming.

We are sick because if we stopped comforting each other some real shit might go down.  And it’s about time.

We are sick because if we were well we wouldn’t put up with this fucked up world for one day.


Those at the forefront of the war against disease will turn around to face their real enemies and the protective barrier will become a barricade.


Paid to watch us die.


When we realize simultaneously all we have to fear is the fear of money itself.


Stay up late, full of shit, great hearing, extremely agile, super social, long-lived, interspecies networker. Like an eclectic, bohemian Jewish record company executive. No wonder they are so suspect.


When life or death considerations take over even our grocery shopping experience. Is this world really any better than a caveman’s existence? The saber tooth tiger is everywhere.


First it was your kitchen and dining room (popups), then your car (ride sharing), then the bedroom (porn cams. Air bnb) now its your bathroom that is part of the productive apparatus. This is an invasion not a privilege.
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